How it all began...


In late 2009 Graham Martin (known to friends and family as 'Gee') met Lisa Young at a pub in Harlow.  We had been in contact for some time through facebook, and had known of each other since senior school, where we had been in maths class together.  On this fabled night, in a slightly less fabled pub, we  got up to sing at karaoke, and The Ultimate Party Duo was born...We pretty quickly decided we had something special here.  Both of us had been in bands, and we both loved to sing.  What we didn't know at the time was how much our singing would compliment each other, and how versatile it would make us as a duo. 


As time went on it became clear we would make fantastic  partners in another way, and in 2011 were duly married, to become Mrs and Mrs Martin. From the start we have gone from strength to strength,  adding to our list of songs, which currently stands at over 700!


We love to get involved with the crowd, and we enjoy banter between ourselves, to the point we were once described as being like 'Kat and Alfie Moon'! 


We cover all genres and decades.  We cover rock, pop, punk, ska, rock and roll, soul, even cockney!  There is pretty much not a song we have not been able to perform. 


if you are planning an event, be it a wedding, party, special day, even a funeral (we've done a few of those) then you need  The Ultimate Party Duo.  If you just give us the chance, we will make your day truly memorable.


Lisa and Gee